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Convenient Payment Terms For Our Customers!

Pratt Sanitation Inc. is here to provide you with trash removal services, hassle-free! We accept many types of payment options for your convenience. When it comes to dependable and first-class customer service, our company is the top choice for customers in Nevada, IA and the surrounding areas.

Payment Options

money order
Credit Card

Our Terms

Payment is due 30 days from the billing date.  A minimum $5 finance charge will be applied for payments not received by the payment due date.  Past due accounts may be subject to service suspension.  A $25 service reinstatement fee will be applied to accounts suspended for non payment prior to restarting service.  Payments returned for non-sufficient funds will be charged a $25 finance charge.

For web and auto-pay payments, you will need the web ID number located on your billing postcard or statement. This is the 12 digit number located on the left hand portion of your postcard or on the lower left corner of your statement/invoice.

Contact us for your waste removal needs.

Call us to get waste removal services for your home or business. We are available to serve you every Monday to Friday. Trust that our hardworking and dependable staff is always on time in picking up and removing your garbage.